Space Junk, Trump on the Ocean, LIPA Blowback, Michael Bloomberg’s Kingdom, GOP’s 2012 Problem

Gotham’s Brad Gerstman and David Schwartz on the latest New York political news. Segment 1 – Junk falling from space, the rally to support Trump on the Ocean, David’s power outage tips and more blowback at the Long Island Power Authority’s response to hurricane Irene. Segment 2 – More Mayoral missteps from Michael Bloomberg, the GOP’s 2012 problem and….

Corey Ribotsky, LIPA’s Hurricane Disaster, U.S. Post Office Going Extinct?

Brad Gerstman and David Schwartz are joined by the Ribotsky Institute’s Corey Ribotsky. This week: reaction to LIPA’s handling of Hurricane Irene, the recession and big problems for the U.S. postal service. Plus – A look ahead at the 10-year anniversary of September 11th.

Gotham Talk Radio Hurricane Edition August 28 2011

Brad and David get ready for the storm of the century while Hurley takes barometric readings and rescues small animals. Then – What’s up with New York City shaking down delivery trucks? Why does New York hate business? Plus  – the republican Wack-Pack. Its all here. Batten down the hatches, start the sump pump, pour yourself a strong one while enjoying New York’s Best political talk.

Gotham Talk Radio Sunday August 14, 2011

New York’s best political talk is right here every Sunday morning. On Today’s show – reaction to the Iowa Ames straw poll,New York’s ridiculous board of regents, the week’s stock market roller coaster.

Gotham Talk Radio August 7, 2011 Corey Ribotsky of the Ribotsky Institute

Gotham Talk Radio’s David Schwartz talks to Corey Ribotsky of The Ribotsky Institute.

Part 1

Corey Ribotsky on debt ceiling crisis and the global economy

Gotham Talk Radio Sunday July 31 2011

Goodbye, New Jersey! Gotham Talk Radio breaks free of the bonds of mediocrity. We’re here on our own terms, on, bringing you the best political talk in New York.

Good Morning – We’re Live in New York!

Jersey? Where’s Jersey? We’re live in New york… Brad and David discuss the future of New York divorce after the legalization of gay marriage with attorney Steve Eisman. Rikki Klieman joins us with the latest on Dominic Strauss Kahn. Potential New York Mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis talks politics.

Part 2 Divorce attorney Steve Eisman talks gay marriage and divorce in New York

Part 3 True crime analyst Rikki Klieman updates the Dominic Strauss Kahn case

Part 4 Potential New York mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis talks politics.

Sunday June 26 Eve of New York’s Historic Gay Marriage Legislation, Inside the NFL Lockout

An action-packed episode of Gotham Talk Radio takes us inside the halls of Albany on the eve of New York’s historic gay marriage legislation. Gotham’s Ian Magerkurth reports.  Also, we go  behind the scenes of the NFL lockout drama with player consultant Lew Salgado. Plus, we take a closer look at efforts to raise better New York drivers with Allstate’s Krista Conte.

Gotham Talk Radio Sunday June 19 Gay Marriage in NY, Assemblyman David Weprin, Sopranos Star Joe Gannascoli

Happy Father’s Day!! Do New York sports fans have more class than Vancouver’s? Of course!  The very latest update from Albany. New York Assemblyman David Weprin, Soprano’s star Joe Gannascoli gets to the bottom of New York’s gay marriage legislation and more..

Listen Live

Sunday June 12 John Catsimatidis, Bill DeBlasio

Gotham Talk Radio’s “In Your Face Politics” show this Sunday featured an interview with potential New York City Mayoral Candidate, John Catsimatidis. The show, hosted by New York Politicos Brad Gerstman & David Schwartz, covered big events of the week, including, of course, the controversy surrounding Representative Anthony Weiner.

“The FBI has an obligation to investigate whether any of the communications were made to underage women…. I think he should step down” Catsimatidis said.

The show then switched gears to focus on rising oil prices.

“Ten, fifteen , twenty years ago, the only people that bought hedges on oil were the actual crude suppliers, the refiners that hedges their product based on the futures,” Catsimatidis said. “So what does that mean? Eighty percent ten years ago were made by the crude suppliers, etc. and twenty percent by speculators. Well, guess what? It has reversed itself. Now eighty percent are the hedge funds, speculators betting on oil so when they watch when they watch CNBC or Fox News or Bloomberg, and when they hear, ‘Oh the sheik, pardon my language, farted in Dubai, then all the speculators rush to buy.”

“Catsimatidis has a real understanding of domestic and foreign affairs, and while his commentary is provocative, he makes some very valid points,” Gerstman said.

Also featured on the show was NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, who discussed local New York City politics, and Mayor Bloomberg.

“He (Bloomberg) said he wanted to stick around,” said de Blasio. “He, in my opinion, turned democracy on its head and did something incredibly un-democratic and then seemed to lose interest. And you can see it: the decision on Kathy Black is one of the most obvious. The way he handled the snow storm. This is not a hands on mayor at this point”

“Catsimatidis and Deblasio are both potential mayoral candidates and are extremely insightful and both deeply love New York,” Schwartz said.

“In Your Face Politics” is a key show on The Apple’s provocative line-up of nationally syndicated shows, with hosts like Dennis Miller, Bill Bennett and NY’s own, Curtis Sliwa.

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